Welcome to Running Memories….

We provide eye catching and sturdy displays at affordable prices for all levels of athletes. We all know how hard we work to obtain our finishers medal, hours of tough training; focusing on that one event to achieve our goal. When you cross that finish line what do you have to show for it? A medal of success.So what do you do with your medal?It’s time to empty that drawer, stop using the old coat hanger or door hook and present your achievements with pride on a Running Memories display.Please, feel free to browse our medal display options for our standard design, triathlon design, sports design and images or design your own in the personalised design section. If you’re looking for something personal above and beyond the options you see; we can offer a solution as we’re just an email or phone call away.

Our original 5mm Perspex medal displays are manufactured in Britain from British material and using British machinery and supplied with chrome wall mounts. We pride ourselves on our quality and service and support you to feel proud in yourself.

Please Note:


We have re-designed the lower hanging part of our medal displays as per the photo above. All displays will now be manufactured with this design, the wording on the top of the display will remain as per your chosen design.